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A Letter from the Founder

Eyeware Studio began with a volunteering service at the Hong Chi Association. When my child was in kindergarten, we parents organized a voluntary day care service for the children at Hong Chi. As they had intellectual disabilities, I was distressed by the difficult plight of the children and their family members.

I wanted to help, to give them opportunity and respect. I thought if I could provide employment for this disadvantaged group, they could earn a living. But more importantly, so that they could gain back their dignity. So, I was inspired to start Eyeware Studio.

While I realize the competitive nature of the eyewear industry, I know that glasses and sunglasses are widely loved around the globe. Personally, I knew I could create quality eyewear, that would stand out from competitor’s products. To differentiate Eyeware Studio from other big brands, I knew we should establish a unique approach and business model.

We partnered with non-profit organizations to assemble and package our products. Looking to the future, we are considering the household working model in which we would outsource our assembly lines to families linked with those non-profit organizations. This model’s attributes align with our cornerstone, as carers can still look after their family members whilst working from home.

Unlike a conventional manufacturer, we do not have our own designers or factories. Instead, we modularized our business functions, outsourcing most of them to experts. For example, we invited a designer from Hong Kong to help us with branding, and our first sunglasses were designed by a product designer in the US. Then, our assembly and packing processes were carried out by non-profit organizations. I hope that the success of this new and forward-thinking concept in manufacturing will encourage people to create their own businesses, especially young people.

In our design process, we focus on creating thoughtful, high-quality products that our customers will love. Saluki, our first sunglasses, had experienced numerous design changes. This was not only for their aesthetic but also for the ease of assembly by the people with intellectual disabilities in our manufacturing team.

My vision for Eyeware Studio is for it to reach people who sympathize with our mission and philosophy. I hope that our story will encourage more enterprises to create opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. Of course, we want our customers to fall in love with our mission as well as our products.

With love and much gratitude,
Johnson Fung

Our Story & Mission

Join us in our mission to empower individuals with intellectual disabilities.

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A Letter From the Founder

We focus on creating thoughtful and high-quality products that our customers will love.

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Design & Production

From design to production, we go the extra mile to be socially responsible and never compromise, even on the smallest details.

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